Facial is a vital step towards beautiful skin. It's the beginning of a better relationship with your skin.
Facial thoroughly cleanses your face and removes the top, dead layers of the skin resulting into having a beautiful and glowing skin. 

Facial moisturizes your face effectively and aids in faster cell renewal and relaxes the muscles of the face. 

Facial can also treat problems like dark patches, acne, restoring skin color and toning the skin.
 To ensure best results, facials must be done at least once a month.

We carry our own line of Skin Care Products
  • Touch of AAINA
  • Anti Aging Facial
  • Acne Treatment Facial
  • Hyper-Pigmentaion
  • Chemical Peel
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Teen Facial
  • Gold Facial
  • Hot Stone Facial
  • Shahnaz Herbal Facial 
  • Skin Polish       
  • Eye Treatment

Benefits : 

  • Relaxtion and Stress Management
  • Relief of Aches, Pains and Tension
  • Eliminate Digestive Difficulties
  • Help And Improve Sleep Patterns
  • Increase Mental & Physical Well Being
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